Through our baptism, we are incorporated into the one Body of Christ. There are many parts to this Body; but the parts, though many, are one Body, as St Paul describes it in the first letter to the Corinthians.

Whether serving as the eyes, ears, hands, feet, or heart, we build up this Body, and in so doing, enable the Body to function effectively. That Body can then serve the world outside the walls of the Church, especially the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged, and the least of our brothers and sisters. We celebrate this mystery at every mass, when we partake in the body and blood of Jesus, which was given for the salvation of all.

“Minister” is the Latin word for servant. As members of the Body of Christ, we serve in the various ministries of the parish community. Some of us contribute to the building up of this Body, others use their time and energy to serve directly individual and families who are in need within the parish as well as those from the larger community. The vibrancy of the parish is dependent on the willingness of individual members to give of his/her time and talents.

Some of our ministries within the parish are organized, others are taken on by members of the community quietly and individually. The ministries that are organized can roughly be grouped into Faith Formation, Liturgy and Music, and those serving social and community needs.

If you would like be more involved with the various organized ministries, feel free to speak with any member of the parish team.