bulletin – May 11



The Pastoral Mission Fund, funded by ShareLife, was established in 1982 to assist missionaries working at the grass roots level in developing nations with pastoral/evangelical programs. Funds are allocated to small – scale projects for the support of missionaries.

Because you give… Missionaries, Priests and Sisters in developing nations can:

  • receive a motorcycle or bicycle to enable them to travel to remote and rural villages in their territories where no public transportation exists.
  • develop and conduct programs, lectures, seminars and courses such as spiritual animation, faith formation, HIV awareness, marriage/family preparation, Christian values, empowerment for women, youth and children in the community.
  • dig clean water wells in areas where the people must otherwise travel many kilometers to find water for drinking, cooking and everyday needs.
  • religiously educate a seminarian.

2007 ShareLife Total: $164,652.60
2008 ShareLife to Date: $120,222.00


Date Time Intentions
May 13 9:00AM PAULINE EMBLEM Requested by Sheila Emblem
May 15 9:00AM PEARL JONES Requested by Pam & Pat Burrell
May 16 9:00AM JOSEPH GRIECO Requested by the Family
May 17 4:30PM MIRO FIDELE Requested by Laura Fidele


Tuesday evening, May 20 at 7:30 PM
Topic: Catholics in Nazi Germany

Wednesday morning, May 21 at 10:30 AM
Topic: St. Paul – Pastor and Theologian


Congratulations to the young people of our parish who were confirmed last Sunday, May 4th by Fr. Paul Cusack, C.P.

Catherine Alulio
Veronica Lei
Julian Arellano
Christina Leung
Asif Baksh
Arthur Li
Ethan Ballos
Julian Li
Lashawna Barry-Green
Sasha Maghami
James Booker
Laura Lee May
Maria Brandes
Nathan Moore
Cathleen Calica
Laura Munro
Vivian Chan
Joseph Ng
April Cho
Robin Ng
Daniel Choi
Hannah Noel
Lucas Cryer
Lindsey O’Neill
Kathleen De Barra
Morton Nguyen
Madeline Della Mora
Jessica Oakie
Jackson Donnelly
Christopher Piatek
Nathan Donnelly
Jessica Prieur
Connor Flanagan
Marc Stedman
Geneva Frank
Sonia Tam
Lucas Furlan
Arjun Tharumalingam
Christina Galowitsch
Alexander Tran
Hannah Galway
Simon Urbanc
Jessica Goldson
Laura Valderrama
John Goncalves
Joshua Vandittelli
Scott Hall
Alexander Videka
Robert Iannuzziello
Clare Wheeler
Catherine Kim
Hanson Wong
Vanessa Laxton

It was a beautiful celebration marking an important moment in their journey of faith. We were proud to celebrate this important event with them. We promise them our continued prayers and support.


Fred Speed, a long-time parishioner, is offering to teach English to small groups of new immigrant women. The groups will be between four and six persons. It is anticipated that classes, with an initial focus on conversational English, will be offered one afternoon a week here at the parish. They will be targeted to immigrants with a beginner level of English. Details about the classes may be found on the bulletin boards.
Those interested, please contact Fatima Lee at (416) 221 – 8866, Ext. 228 for further information and/or to register.


Total: $8,266.44


4:30 8:30 10:30 12:30
Env. $
Total $2,078 $2,102 $2,441 $1,715
# of Env. 102 114 133 62


As news reports continue to filter out of Myanmar (Burma) following the devastation of Cyclone Nargis on May 3, more than 20,000 people are already confirmed dead. More than 40,000 more are reported missing and as many as 1 million people have been left homeless, according to the World Food Program.

The ShareLife office will be accepting donations to support humanitarian relief efforts underway in Myanmar, assisting in the provision of food, shelter, clean water, and medical assistance. The Catholic Church’s official relief body, Caritas Internationalis, is coordinating the efforts for its 162 national members, working with staff in the region. As has been the case in the past, contributions will be channelled through the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace, the Caritas representative organization in Canada.

Those wishing to help may do so in the following ways:

  • Online through ShareLife’s website: www.sharelife.org
  • By phone through the ShareLife office – 1-800-263-2595 or 416-934-3411
  • Through the parish, making cheques payable to: ShareLife – Name of Parish – Cyclone Nargis Relief

We offer our prayers for the thousands of families affected by this natural disaster. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to serve the poor and marginalized both here at home and around the world.

Be assured that ShareLife does not apply any administrative fees to humanitarian relief contributions, ensuring as much money as possible is directed toward assistance of those in crisis.

Archbishop Collins
Auxiliary Bishops
Mr. John McGrath


Blessed Trinity’s annual Communion Breakfast will be held on Sunday, May 25TH in the church hall following the 9:00 AM Mass. The guest speaker is Michael McManus, National Catholic Broadcasting Council. The cost is $15. For tickets, please call Kathy Nelson at 905-886-7681 or Joyce Egberts at 416-221-9969


St Gabriel’s Parish will again be taking part in this year’s Doors Open Toronto on Sunday, May 25th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


Fair Trade organic coffees will be on sale after all the Masses next weekend.

Regular ground coffee: $5
Decaffeinated: $6
Whole beans: $5
Chocolate Bars: $4 incl. taxes
Hot Chocolate and Cocoa: $4.50


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul will be collecting gently used clothing and household linens for those in need on the weekend of June 14Th and 15Th. There is a particular need for textiles and footwear. A St. Vincent de Paul truck will be parked on the upper parking lot opposite the garden. Volunteers will assist with loading before and after each of the Masses on Saturday and Sunday.


Our new activities kick off on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 with a day of golf for all parishioners at the glorious glen Eagle Golf Club. Individual players as well as foursomes are welcome and we have a great mix of both men and women players. The event is open to both casual and competitive golfers and is followed by a magnificent Dinner and Awards Banquet.

Catholic Family Services are looking for volunteers to help with fundraising events and to serve on the Board of Directors. For more information, please contact Mark Evans at Catholic Family Services by phone at 416-921-1163 or by email at mevans@cfsofto.org.


Dear Parishioners of St Gabriel’s,

Thank you once again for your generosity towards our families this past Christmastime. As you know, we continue to serve numerous families and feel honoured to provide them with your donations at Christmastime. As well, the food that you donate throughout the year enables us to maintain a small food bank here at the branch. This allows clients who are visiting the branch to pick up items in emergency situations and the social workers to assist our client children and parents when they are most in need.

Please accept this plaque (now in the display case) in appreciation of your generosity and our continued best wishes to each of you at St. Gabe’s. We really value the partnership between St. Gabriel’s Parish and the North Branch of this Society.