Father Rick (Updated)

Father Rick
The Latest from Haiti
Here is part of a report we recently received from Fr. Rick:

We are very appreciative of your concern, prayers and support.
We estimate we are missing about 20% of our Haitian staff. Some have gone to the States, some are dead and some are still absorbed in their own tragedies. We are not sure of the total deaths yet, that will take some time. The situation at the hopital has calmed down somewhat and we are better organized with an infrastructure in place. Patients that were sent to the USS Comfort will be returned to recuperate at our facilities. We all also accept patients from the General Public Hospital. We are anticipating 200 post operative patients. The problems are overwhelming. In relation to health, education, family life,employment and social stability, the earthquake will have severe ramifications well into the future.

Please keep up your important prayers and support..

Fr Rick Frechette C.P. has been working in Haiti for over 22 years. This priest and doctor runs the only free pediatric hospital in the country. The hospital has been severely damaged and there has been loss of life. St. Gabriel’s will be having a special collection on Jan. 24th to help him carry on his work at St. Damian’s Hospital.
Checks should be made out to Passionist Missions. Please pray for Fr. Rick, his staff and all those people he serves.