Bulletin – December 30, 2018

“The most beautiful thing that God made was the family. …All of the love that God has in Himself, all of the beauty that God has in Himself, all of the truth that God has in Himself, He gives to the family.”
Pope Francis

Heavenly Father, you have given us the model of life
in the Holy Family of Nazareth.
Help us, O Loving Father, to make our family another Nazareth
where love, peace and joy reign.
Mother Teresa


January 2nd – January 5th 2019

WEDNESDAY – STEPHEN HANDSON – Requested by Nina Coscarella
THURSDAY – SHEILA SULLIVAN – Requested by Marietta & Larry Carriere
FRIDAY – SR. MALOU SERRANO RSM – Requested by the Parish Staff
SATURDAY – GUS CALDERONE – Requested by Marie Calderone


Saturday December 29th, Vigil Mass 4:30 PM
Sunday, December 30th, Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus
8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM
Office Open – 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

NEW YEAR’S EVE – Monday, December 31st

No 9:00 AM Mass
5:00 PM Mass
Vigil for Feast of Mary the Holy Mother of God
Office Open – 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM

NEW YEAR’S DAY – Tuesday, January 1st

Feast of Mary the Holy Mother of God
10:30 AM
12:30 PM
Office Open – 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM


While parking at ground level is limited to 51 spaces, there is plenty of space in the underground parking lot. Please follow the instructions of the attendants. Do not park in front of the Church since this is a fire route and must be kept clear.

Additional parking is available on the east side of Elkhorn Public School and in the bus loop. Again, please follow the instructions of the attendant. The school requests that we do not park on the grass. Many thanks to Holly Richards, the Principal of Elkhorn Public School, for allowing us the use of the school property.


Sunday, January 6th at 11:30 AM in the Gabriel Room

On the first Sunday of each month, the Passionist Centre for Ecology and Spirituality facilitates a 30 minute reflection and discussion prompted by the readings for that Sunday’s liturgy. The guided reflection brings an ecological perspective to the readings. All are welcome.


Friday, January 4th from 9:30 AM to 12 Noon


English: Saturday, January 5th at 3:15 PM in the Library
Chinese: Sunday, January 6th at 3:30 PM in the Gabriel Room.
For further information, please contact Linda Law at 416-918-8029.


Weekend of December 29th/30th

Your prepared frozen casseroles will be collected at the Masses this weekend, December 29th/30th for delivery to the Good Shepherd Centre. Although this is a very busy time, there are still many hungry people who are counting on us to make a difference. Good Shepherd Ministries serves more than 1,100 meals a day, every day of the year.

More volunteers are urgently needed to help feed the hungry in our city. Please get a copy of a casserole recipe and a pan and give it a try. Recipes are available in the parish office or on our website. Remember to mark the label on the pan lid with the name of the casserole. For more information, you may contact Irene Albrecht at 416 221-2791.



At our next meeting the Garden Ministry will be reviewing Robert Cordy’s design options for the installation of the south garden next spring. Everyone is welcome. Please join us on January 6th at 1:30 PM.

If you would like more information about the garden ministry, please email Heather Bennett at heathermjb@gmail.com.

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”
David Orr


Please note: All donations for 2018 must be received in the Parish Office by tomorrow, Monday, December 31st, 2018 to be included in your 2018 Tax Receipt.

Our operating payments average $17,000 per week. The Finance Council wishes to share this with all who come together as our worshipping community …

“The financial burden of the Parish is the responsibility of each and all parishioners to the extent that your means allow.” Please consider giving your offertory by picking up Envelopes, enrolling in Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG), or Donate Now (through the Archdiocese of Toronto website). Please come by the parish office if you have any questions.

Offertory Envelopes for 2019

The 2019 Offertory Boxed Envelopes are available in the Gathering Space. Please pick yours up as soon as possible.

If you are contributing cash to the Offertory Collection without any identification, you will not receive credit for your contribution. You must provide your full name and address.