Homily – December 6, 2020

Isaiah was active in his role of prophet about 550 years before the birth of Christ. The 70 years of exile of the Jews to Babylon were coming to a close. The Persian Empire was on the rise.

The Jewish people were struggling to re-establish themselves in their own land. Isaiah pleads with God, comfort oh comfort your people oh Lord, speak tenderly to Jerusalem.

We’re in the midst of our second lockdown and have no idea when it will end. There are neither Masses nor funerals. We have no idea if Christmas will be like Holy Week – no celebrations allowed. The needy families we’ve helped through the years with our food drive and toy drive will go without this Christmas.

As a parish family we join Isaiah as he pleads, comfort oh comfort your people o Lord, and speak tenderly to them.

How many people do we know who need to hear words of comfort, words of support and words on encouragement, but especially comfort? The first people who come to my mind are the nurses and doctors and hospital staff who are worn out caring for the victims of Covid 19 and see irresponsible people partying and refusing to wear face masks. Can you imagine their frustration?

Comfort oh comforts your people O Lord, especially those patients in hospitals, who are not allowed visitors, good people whose days and nights are long and lonely.

Comfort oh comfort your people Lord, especially the men and women in retirement homes who are deprived of any social life and family visits. Comfort O comfort your people O lord, especially men and women who through no fault of their own are laid off because the places where they work are closed down,

Comfort O comfort your people O Lord especially those who own a small business and are forced to shut down and face financial loss.

Imagine if you were in any of these circumstances. Maybe some of you are. Wouldn’t your spirits be lifted up and brightened if you got a call from a friend and heard encouraging and understanding words, letting you know you they are thinking and praying for you, you are not alone.

Comfort O comfort your people O lord, especially those struggling with discouragement or depression. Lift their spirits.

Comfort O comfort your people O Lord through each one of us as we write that e mail or make that phone call or write that note or set up that zoom and speak words of comfort in your name.